Computer Expert Witness
Graham Dilloway CITP MBCS
Computer Expert Witness

Chartered IT Professional and Member of British Computer Society

Listed in Register of Expert Witnesses

Member of the Academy of Experts

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45 years working with computers

20 years working as an Expert Witness

Consulted in more than 250 Cases

Prepared more than 200 Expert Witness reports

Member of The Academy of Experts

Member of The British Computer Society

Chartered IT Professional

Terrorism Chipping cable boxes
Counterfeit cards Counterfeit CDs
False accounting Disability discrimination
Drug importation Civil disputes
Indecent images Family Court

Examples of computer expert witness reports in the Criminal, Civil and Employment Courts are on this site.  I have also prepared expert reports for Family Court and Youth Court.  Criminal reports include cases involving terrorism, false accounting, indecent images of children, counterfeiting credit cards, "chipping" cable TV decoders and counterfeiting music CDs.

I have given spoken testimony in Court.

Examples of my Expert Witness reports